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Here is a coloring series all about  Diddl, the mouse well-known for his big smile and huge feet!

But what do you know about the history of Diddl? Did you know for example that Diddl was a German, an original creation by Thomas Goletz, who wanted a mouse that emits values ​​such as honesty, optimism, friendship and courage, not without a little self-deprecating?

Diddl lives in a country named almost just like him, Diddlland, and lives in three road Gruyère, which must make him so happy since he loves cheese so much! According to his identity card Diddl is the size of exactly three cheeses, which allows him to easily stack them up to eat !

He was born August 24, 1990, but since he doesn't age he's always young! In addition, Diddl loves drawing and coloring like you! It will therefore be a pleasure for him to be your role model through your different exercises and he'll remain at a standstill while you will choose the colors for him, so that you can easily finish your drawing! But Diddl would be nothing without his friends! His dearest friend is Diddlina, who also lives with him! She was born on 1 May 1991 and is almost a year younger than him. Diddlina is admired by Diddl because she is very smart and gets out of many situations with greater ease than him, allowing her to advise him in case of problems. She loves flowers and is very romantic, and almost always wears a big bow with polka dots in her hair. There is also Professor Blubberpeng, also called Diddldingue, Great Uncle Diddl, a genius who has the misfortune of being very dizzy, which played him many tricks! He is quite old but still very active. And finally, not to mention, there is Pimboli, a teddy bear who loves to jump in with both feet in puddles and eat more honey than Winnie The Pooh! He loves Diddl (and honey) and is a friend of the little mouse who can always be counted on!

Of course you will discover all these characters and more in this section of coloring, and you can choose the colors they wear today or tomorrow!

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diddl Coloring Pages

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