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Hunting for chocolate eggs and bunnies has become a tradition at Easter. But why these symbols?

The eggs 🥚🐇

In ancient times, Egyptians and Romans already offered each other painted eggs, symbols of life, in spring. The Christian tradition dates back to the 4th century: the Church forbade the consumption of eggs during Lent, so they were kept to be decorated and offered at Easter. During the Renaissance, eggs in precious metal were preferred. It is only in the 19th century, when cocoa became more accessible, that chocolate makers will start to make chocolate eggs. A tradition that, since then, has not been lost ... to the delight of our taste buds.

The hare or the bunny🐰

For some people, especially in Eastern France, it is the Easter hare that brings the eggs to the children. This tradition of the Easter bunny comes from Germany (the Osterhase) and has spread to the United States (the Easter Bunny). Why this animal? Because it symbolizes spring, renewal and fertility.

The bells 🔔

For others, it is the bells that bring the eggs. A tradition taken directly from the Catholic religion: after Maundy Thursday and until Easter Day, church bells are not rung to mark the mourning of Jesus. The children are told that the bells are going to Rome, their return marking the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

🐰 Drawing Bunny: How to draw a bunny?

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