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The tradition of offering eggs plain, then decorated, dyed or worked is long before Christianity, it is probably one of the oldest traditions in the world. This tradition is found in many countries. The eggs can be painted or dipped in a mixture of food coloring, vinegar and water. The colored shells can then be used to create mosaics. Today it is rather chocolate eggs that are offered to children during the egg hunt and we decorate plastic eggs, polystyrene. In the Kalevala, the sacred book of the ancient Finns, it is from the egg that the world was born. The mother of water, Iltamara, was sleeping at the bottom of the shoreless ocean. In her sleep, she stirred and her knee rose from the water like an island. Then the master of the air fell from the empty skies and laid a golden egg on that divine knee. But as soon as it was touched, like a sleepy girl who is annoyed by an insect, the goddess shivered and, shivering, broke the perfect shell. Then all the pieces turn into good and useful things: the bottom of the egg shell formed the sublime firmament, the top of the yellow part became the radiant sun, the top of the white part was in the sky the shining moon, every stained debris of the shell was a star in the firmament, every dark piece of the shell became a cloud of the air and henceforth time moved forward. Depending on the region or country we live in, the stories and traditions vary. In France, Easter eggs are brought by the Easter bell and in Belgium, the Easter bunny brings them in Alsace, Germany and the United States. The egg is a universal symbol of life and rebirth and is associated with many rituals. Since ancient times, the egg has been charged with the symbol of renewal and a promise of life and many rituals and festivals pay tribute to it, long before the arrival of Christianity. During the Christian era, it took on even more meaning because of the strong connection with the Resurrection of Jesus. During Lent, it was forbidden to eat eggs. Those that were laid during this period were preserved, blessed and decorated to be offered to children on Easter day during a big egg hunt.

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