Easter coloring pages 234

Here is a series of colorings on the theme of Easter! As you know Easter is the time to paint eggs, to make original decorations, and so this is the time of year that's most suitable for coloring ! But do you know where the tradition of Easter eggs came from? Few people know this but in ancient Finnish texts it is said that it is from an egg that the world was born. When the egg was resting on the knee of the goddess Iltamara by Air bender it broke then every piece turned into a part of the world or the universe . Part of the shell formed the firmament , a part of the yolk made the sun, and so on, until forming the universe as it was then known . This legend is only part of those surrounding the eggs, but in most cultures the egg symbolizes the life to come, and as Easter is in the spring , the season when nature renews itself by forming new shoots and flowers of all colors is the perfect symbol and adorn bright colors is a tribute to this holiday ! But of course Easter is also an opportunity to look for delicious chocolate eggs in the house or garden and get them out of their colored papers for family to enjoy . In fact did you know that eggs were traditionally brought ​​by bells or by a rabbit in different countries? According to the legend , while the bells are silent from Thursday to Holy Saturday they leave for Rome to be blessed for this party, and when they return , full of eggs, hens, chicks and chocolate bunnies , they get back ringing and lose all their goodies on the way , leaving the children to seek their goods in the gardens ! In Germany for example the Easter bunny is a very special rabbit that leaves multicoloured eggs if it has a cozy nest prepared for him! Anyways now that you know all these stories about Easter it's time for you to choose a coloring page! You will find a lot of images to put colors on eggs, rabbits, children looking for eggs and many more , then what's left is for you to make your choice and get your crayons ready !

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