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We have a large collection of various LOL Surprise Dolls for your little ones. The great thing about our coloring pages is that your children can do them online, or after you’ve printed them out. Coloring in calms the brain of little ones who are easily over stimulated. A calm child is a happy child and you’ll be happier too. Children love coloring in and using their imaginations. Get them away from too much screen time, by extending their time with their favorite characters in an interactive, not passive way. Visit our website often as we expand our pages all the time.
A collection of 3 series of dolls that are collectible items. LOL stands for “li’l outrageous littles” They are all baby dolls and they have been released 45 per series. They are called surprise dolls as you don’t know which one you have purchased until you unwrap it. Type: They appeal to girls from 7-9 years of age. They are small collectible toys that girls like to trade. There are hundreds of videos where girls have made with different adventures of these unique and babies full of attitude

Popular LOL Dolls Babies

There are over forty different dolls to collect including some pets. Fresh is one of the characters from. She changes color when she gets wet and she cries. She has stark white hair that look like clumps, with ringlets surrounding her face. Her catchphrase is ‘chill out and unsubscribe”.
Punk Boi one of the few male babies in the collection. He’s instantly recognisable by his blue mohawk and rebel t shirt with a logo saying ‘trouble’, tartan shorts and studded wristbands. His catchphrase is ‘rebel against naptime!’ He’s a fun trouble maker.
Glamstronaut is a pale skinned, blue haired baby with pigtails and large brown eyes. Her lips are silver and she can be identified by her blue astronaut outfit and silver rimmed sunglasses. She is a very rare doll and her catchphrase is "One giant leap for babykind!" Her surprise is that she changes color when wet.
Baby Cat - also known as baby tiger. She has a cute outfit that turns her into a stripy cat. When she gets wet she cries, just like an ordinary cat.
Merbaby- as her name suggests she is a mermaid. She has adorable pearls in her head dress. Her catchphrase is “I’d rather be swimming.”
Teachers pet - her thick rim glasses and school uniform are distinctively as her name suggests, a teacher’s pet. SHe has dark pink hair fastened into tight buns on each side of her head. Her catchphrase is ‘straight A’s 4 Eva”.
Leading Baby - an iconic likeness of Marilyn Monroe with platinum blond hair and white halter neck dress. She looks like a movie star as her name suggests and her catchphrase is, “always ready for my selfie”.
Posh - an elegant young baby wearing a French inspired beanie and pink coat dress over a black outfit, complemented by several strings of pearls. She wears ice-skates and her catchphrase is “always classy and a lil sassy”. The home of L.O.L. Surprise! where babies run everything. These collectible mini baby dolls come in blind packaging, and with each layer you unwrap, you'll discover something different!

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