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Jasmine is a dreamy princess who loves her pet tiger, Rajah. She is free-spirited, confident and kind. When she meets Aladdin, she discovers the wonders she has often imagined outside the palace walls. Princess Jasmine is the deuteronomy of the 1992 Disney animated feature film, Aladdin. She is the independent and rebellious princess of Agrabah, a Middle Eastern kingdom ruled by her father, the Sultan. As a future sultana, Jasmine has a strong sense of obligation to her kingdom. However, due to outdated laws, she has been forbidden to leave the palace walls and has been forced to follow unjust practices. Refusing to be treated as a protected object, Jasmine longs to break away from her social limitations and have a life where she is free to make her own choices. Jasmine is loosely based on the character of Princess Badroulbadour from the fairy tale of Aladdin, which appears in the Arabian Nights collection on which the film is based. She is also the sixth official member of the Disney Princess line-up.

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