Angry Birds coloring pages 35

Angry birds is a game that started in 2009. The goal of this very fun puzzle game is to  launch birds by using a slingshot on the green pigs placed on different structures or within them with the intent to destroy all the horrible pigs present on the playground! As you progress in the game you get new birds including some with special powers! These powers provide different types of technical destruction for the greatest happiness of the players who take great pleasure in destroying the pigs that have stolen the eggs of these poor birds! The first bird that the player has is a red bird, but he unlocks new birds, some of which are more effective against particular materials or have special powers like the black bird explodes like a bomb and the white bird drops fairly quickly explosive eggs! But these poor birds are not the only ones to have such capabilities, naughty pigs also do which doesn't make it easier for the birds to retrieve their eggs! And not only to they have the capacity but they also become more resistant as they grow, some pigs wear helmets or a crown and those are even stronger! Angry birds is great fun just by the way it is played, its concept and references to Star Wars with the specific version of this grand universe. Angry birds traveled so much in pursuit of the pigs, they even managed to get to Rio and space and their quest lasted for years! These birds are so astonishing that some have laid golden eggs that give access to bonus levels and even have their own song by DJ Ike Therry. The game follows the animated birds that only have their intelligence and determination to protect at all cost their nests from the naughty pigs, unfortunately they don't succeed and that's when the series begins the incredible adventure of Angry Birds! You can also participate in these adventures by coloring new birds among the models that you find in the gallery and invent their new powers that are even more amazing one after the other.

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