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A marine superhero member of the Justice League, Aquaman is famous for his incredible aquatic abilities. A few months before the release of James Wan's film about this colossal character, discover who is behind the legendary king of Atlantis. Created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, Aquaman first appeared in the comic strip More Fun Comics #73 published in November 1941. In the early versions of comics, the young Aquaman's real name was Arthur Curry. It is the result of the union between a lighthouse keeper and Atlanna, an exiled queen of Atlantis. His extraordinary abilities, such as being able to breathe underwater and communicate with fish, are gradually becoming apparent to those around him.

Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, a series that challenged the DC chronology, Aquaman's past is changed. Indeed, the character is actually from the royal family of Atlantis. He was born from an artificial insemination between Atlanna and a human named Atlan, since she could not have a child with King Trevis. He was born with blond hair, something that was considered by the underwater people to be a sign of a curse. The baby is therefore abandoned on a reef and taken in by dolphins. As in the first version, Aquaman is half human, half Atlantic.

A super fast swimmer, Aquaman has overdeveloped senses and a colossal strength. His extraordinary powers are reinforced by the power of Neptune's trident, a formidable weapon forged by Atlantis' cyclopses that allows the ruler of the oceans to control the waves, create waves, eddies or water columns, but also to control weather elements or launch lightning. As Batman has his Robin, Aquaman is also sometimes assisted by Aqualad, a member of the Teen Titans team in his spare time.

All these assets make him a feared and often challenged king. His sworn enemy is Black Manta, a super villain obsessed with the conquest of Atlantis. In particular, he was responsible for the murder of Aquaman's son, aka Arthur Curry Jr., also known as Aquababy. This tragic event upset the king of the seven seas and especially his companion Mera, who, devastated, decided to separate from her husband. In all this chaos, the king of Atlantis can still count on the presence of his friend and advisor Vulko, who he met in prison after being thrown behind bars by Black Manta.

Between his youth and the loss of his own child, Aquaman did not have an easy personal life. On the family side, it's not any more so. His half-brother Ocean Master, alias Orm, is seeking to remove him from the throne. Jealous, the latter is the son of a human being and has lived all his life in the shadow of a brother who became sovereign. Between Black Manta and Ocean Master, the king of the seven seas has little respite. Precisely, these two enemies are announced at the casting of the film Aquaman, in theaters from December 21, 2018. Played respectively by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Patrick Wilson, the two characters are about to lead a hard life for Aquaman, alias Jason Momoa!

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