Aurora coloring pages 49

Aurora is the main character of Sleeping Beauty, released in 1959 and inspired by the eponymous tale by Charles Perrault and the Grimm brothers. Aurora is one of the Disney princesses. As the only daughter of King Stephen and Queen Oriane, Aurora becomes the heir to the throne as a princess. In addition, she is expected to marry Prince Philip, from the neighboring kingdom. Unfortunately, her future changes when Maleficent punishes the family by cursing the princess. In order to escape this fate, she is taken in by her three godmothers and raised in the woods, where they are sure Maleficent will not find her. She is also renamed "Rose" to hide her true identity.

Gifted with grace by the fairy Flora, Aurora is a slender young woman with golden hair along her waist. She has violet eyes and her face is less round than Snow White and Cinderella's. Her skin is fair. As a peasant girl, she wears a black bodice that covers a dress with long sleeves that reaches her calves. She wears a black headband around her head and takes a purple shawl when she goes out. As a princess, she wears the dress that Flora made for her. It consists of a petal overskirt, a white ruffled petticoat and long triangular sleeves. Its color varies according to the disagreement between Flora and Pimprenelle, Flora wanting it pink and Pimprenelle seeing it as blue. It is first Pimprenelle who imposes the color and Aurore wears the blue dress while going to her father's castle. During the dance at the end of the film, it is the color pink that is retained in the illustration of the book which freezes the position of the two lovers.

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