Avengers coloring pages 120

Loki was exiled for one year. During this time he has teamed with Chief Chitauris, an alien race whose leader wants to take the Tesseract a source of unlimited energy coming from the kingdom of Asgard which is on Earth. Loki takes Chitauris the army under his command to retrieve the Tesseract and deliver it to their chief in exchange for planet Earth, but the Tesseract is in the hands of scientists from the SHIELD organization. However suddenly the Tesseract emits disturbing energy variations and suddenly starts to radiate and then opens a portal through space following a brutal shock. Loki appears, killing several SHIELD agents prior to bewitch one of the survivors and Dr. Selvig who studied the Tesseract. Loki fled with his two new acolytes and the desired object. Following this event the director of SHIELD decides to bring up to date the Avengers to retrieve the Tesseract project, so he sends agents to contact the people he wants to recruit and the team gathered aboard the Helicarrier. They all work together to find a way to locate the Tesseract. They eventually find and capture Loki, it is at this point that Thor appears, he came to find his brother to bring him back to Asgard, the time of his banishment was passed. Iron Man then challenges Thor to stop him  to take Loki before the Tesseract is found, soon followed by Captain America. All this is followed by an unnecessary fight that was cut short quickly. Thanks to his subtle sneakiness Loki manages to escape and at the same time they finally discovered  where the portal leading to Chitauris is open but it is too late to prevent their invasion. So they will fight to protect the city and the population of the alien threat. They do this after a rough and tough fight and Thor takes Loki to Asgard through Tesseract and the Avengers separate, however, the story does not end there, the chief of Chitauris is still alive and makes his report on this epic battle to his sponsor. Do you want to have fun with the Avengers even longer? Then get your pencils,  select a drawing in the gallery and let your imagination guide you to other thrilling adventures packed with battles while using your favorite colors for your hero!

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