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Bakugan : The Heroes

Dan Kouzo

Dan is the Talent portion of the Heroes. Aim a camera at this kid, give him a task and he’s sure to deliver a “like”-worthy performance. Dan is athletic, outgoing, inclusive and supportive— a natural leader, even though he doesn’t think of himself as one. Over the course of his brief and charmed life, Dan has made lots of friends, but is fiercely loyal to his two besties, Wynton Styles and Lia Venegas. They have been through a lot together and even when they’ve had disagreements, no one ever goes home mad. It’s a rule with Dan: “The sun doesn’t go down until we work it out.” That’s how you make lifelong friendships. A never-say-die, charismatic force of nature, Dan could hang out with any group of kids but sticks with the crew that shares his passion for making videos and sharing them with the world. Life’s a game to Dan, but he doesn’t play to win, he plays to play. Dan accepts any challenge head on, because he wants to know what he’s capable of.
Bakugan Partner : Dragonoid
Noble and true… and maybe a little overly committed to achieving greatness, Dragonoid is, in many ways, King of all Bakugan. At least, he's on the pathway to becoming it! Right now, he’s a still a prince earning his wings. Drago is extremely selective about his human partner, and he's happy to have chosen Dan… most of the time. He is a passionate fighter whose style is a perfect match for Dan’s instinctive, brute force approach.

Wynton Styles

Wynton has a laid-back slacker-hacker style that accommodates the endless bits of gear and tech he seems to produce from thin air. A multi-purpose “hack-pack” slung over his shoulder completes the look. Wynton and Dan have been friends since the first grade. They met when Dan tried to backflip off of the lunch table and his hand-held game system went flying into a wall. Wynton fixed it with a paperclip and some gum. Yes, Wynton is smart. Really smart. And like a lot of smart kids he keeps his talents to himself because he doesn’t like the expectations that the world puts on him. The only kids who know the real Wynton are Dan and Lia Venegas, because they see him as a complete person. So even though Wynton is definitely the brains of the crew, don’t call him smart without adding the word “mouth” after it. Overcompensating for his excessive intelligence, Wynton is a prankster whose jokes often get him in hot water. He has been cooking up chaos with Dan since forever. It makes for great videos... and the occasional trip to the Principal’s office. Wynton is an analytical thinker who uses his perspective to uncover the hidden secrets of people, places and things, though he rarely looks inside of himself.
Bakugan Partner : Trox
(M) Trox is unbelieveably strong and loyal to Wynton. The two are a well-oiled machine in terms of how they battle. Despite looking like a raging dinosaur, Trox is thoughtful and strategic… unless he starts to lose or is in pain. Then, his beastly side comes to the forefront. With enough practice, Wynton and Trox might be a match for Dan and Drago… maybe.

Lia Venegas

Lia Venegas is fashion-forward in her dress, with a flair for the artistic, though she is not in any way worried about how she looks. She expresses herself visually, which translates to her style that incorporates “upcycled” clothes of her own design. Lia Venegas is as unique as they come.

When Dan and Wynton couldn’t turn their ridiculous stunt into a successful video, it was Lia Venegas who happened by and, with a few unsolicited suggestions, turned their whole scene around. Without missing a beat, Dan and Wynton asked if Lia Venegas had ever considered directing. Since then, Lia Venegas has been “the Director” of the crew and the newest best friend to Dan and Wynton. Lia Venegas is artistic and expressive— confident and inspirational to those around her. Her energy seems limitless— and Lia Venegas wants you in the shot – whoever you are! Whatever you do, Lia Venegas will help you do it in the best way possible... unless you're out to bring her down. Then watch out! Lia Venegas does not deal with ‘haters.’ She’s spent her whole life standing up to people who tried picking on her for being different— but no one ever tried a second time. Lia Venegas is as strong as she is creative and never backs down from a conflict, even when she should. Like the guys, Lia Venegas’s all about the fun factor and believes that those who go with their instincts live the happiest lives. Lia Venegas is an out-of-the-box thinker who helps others find their hidden talents through experimentation, fearlessness and empathy.
Bakugan Partner : Gorthion Haos
A big, powerful lug, Gorthion's big body is all heart. He's fiercely committed, throwing himself into harm’s way in the blink of an eye to protect Lia. Honorable and strong, Gorthion is a brute who acts before he thinks. He is quick to rage and needs Lia’s cool hand to be his guide.

Shun Kazami

Shun carries himself like an adult. His serious demeanor is reflected in his choice of clothing. A clean-lined blue suit. He has one for every day of the week, just like Einstein.

Do you recall that the Heroes have one fan? Well this is him. His name is Shun Kazami, and he’s travelled half way around the globe in order to join Dan’s team for Bakugan battles. Mature for his age, precocious and mysterious, Shun appears in Dan’s town after witnessing Drago’s discovery. In fact, Shun is responsible for sharing the video with friends and letting it out into the world! Shun has been a secret student of his own Bakugan ever since their awakening, but could not find anyone who appreciated this strange new species the way he does... until now.

Shun has a deep love for Bakugan and a secret thirst for a group of friends. But Shun has led a very cloistered life. Only through watching Dan, Wynton, and Lia Venegas online has he found the courage to leave his home and travel to America, where he believes his true destiny awaits. But how could a ten-year-old come from Japan by himself? Could it be that his grandfather is the founder of Kazami International Holdings, makers of the tech that power almost every computer on the planet? That’s exactly how. But Shun doesn’t care to brag. Nor does he want to rely on his family’s fortune for success. Shun has a strong drive to prove himself in his own way as a Bakugan Battler, and maybe if he can relax just a little bit and let down his guard, he’ll make life long friends in the process. Shun is about winning above all else. He is not ruthless or mean, just overly-focused on results. In time, his friendships with the rest of the team will make him a more well-rounded person and a better battler/player.
Bakugan Partner : Hydorous Aquos
(M) Fast, agile and ruthless in battle, the overtly-aggressive Hydorous is the prince of the seas. Though his style is a complete 180 from Shun's thoughtful manner, the two compliment one another in battle and life.


Age: 18... in dog years. A French Bulldog, Lightning sports a collar that allows him to carry and launch his own Bakugan. All kids filming prank videos need a lookout and for the Heroes that lookout is Lightning. A stray found lingering in the back alley of Dan’s home, Lightning has become their unofficial mascot. A happy, dumpy, sleepy French Bulldog who often co-stars with Dan, Lightning isn’t quite as fast as his name might suggest, but he’s good for a “YAP” when trouble is coming. Lightning is the best dog in the world... and that was before the kids discovered that he could fight alongside them with Bakugan! That’s right, a dog— one very special dog— has his own Bakugan and uses them in battle with his human friends!

During downtime, Lightning is usually sleeping, eating or playing with the Bakugan roaming around Dan’s house. But when trouble rears its head, Lightning snaps into warrior mode and can brawl with the best of them! Lightning is a dog, and yes, it’s a little wacky that a dog is an active part of Dan’s team, but as an animal he has a different relationship with Bakugan than any human could ever hope to have. His animal instincts can mean the difference between success and defeat for the whole team. And no, Lightning does NOT talk— at least not in any way humans can understand. But his loyalty to his friends, human and Bakugan alike, give his partners faith in his abilities... Even if he does occasionally bury a Bakugan in the back yard.
Bakugan Partner : Howlkor Darkus
This aggressive Bakugan is so into winning, it's scary. Actually, Howlkor scares Lightning quite often! Howlkor chose the dog as his partner because he thought that Lightning's animal instinct would help them in battle — but he didn't realize that Lightning isn’t super aggressive. Over the course of time, Lightning will have no choice but to become an alpha male if he wants to get Howlkor under control... And that will suit the canine warrior just fine.

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