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Batman's Biography : Batman is a fictional and superhero character from the DC Comics universe. It was created in May 1939 by illustrator Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. He wears a uniform representing a bat. In order to actively fight crime, Bruce Wayne became a masked vigilante who acted mainly at night. He is recognizable by his costume made up of a cape in the shape of bat wings and a mask with pointed ears. If it does not have superpowers, it compensates with great dexterity in martial arts and by its ultra-sophisticated technological equipment (example: the Batmobile).

From comics to video games
Batman has had several adaptations on small and large screens. The DC Comics superhero has also been the subject of derivative products, such as a multitude of toys and video games.

The comic strip
He was first a character in the DC Comics comics from its creation in 1939. The most famous periods are Comics USA, Semic Soleil, Panini/Soleil and the latest Urban Comics. Before being published in these editions from the 1980s, Batman's adventures appeared in menseulles or bimonthly magazines.

TV series
Then Batman was adapted for television in the eponymous series from 1966 to 1968 (with Adam West in the main role), in cartoons from 1992 to 1995 then from 1999 to 2001 with Batman Beyond and from 2008 to 2011 with Batman: The Heroes' Alliance. The Gotham series, released in 2014, once again retraces Bruce Wayne's entire career.

In film, he was played by Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's films (Batman (1989), Batman the Challenge (1992)) by Val Kilmer in 1995 and George Clooney in 1997 in Joel Schumacher's (Batman Forever and Batman & Robin). Finally, it was Christian Bale who donned the vigilante costume in Christopher Nolan's trilogy in the 2000s (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises). The next Batman will be camped by Ben Affleck in films such as Batman Vs Superman or The League of Justice or The Batman (directed by the actor) In 2015, the superhero and his sidekick were opposed in an animated film, Batman Vs Robin. The most famous villains in the Batman universe have appeared in some movies: Double-Face (The Dark Knight, Batman, Batman, Batman Forever), Bane (The Dark Knight Rises), Mr Freeze (Batman & Robin), Penguin (Batman the Challenge) or the mythical sworn enemy of the superhero, the Joker. He is played by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad (the film about Batman's villains, scheduled for the end of 2016). The clownish and terrifying aspect of the latter was also immortalized by Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989) or by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight (2008).

Video games
Batman has also been the hero of more than 30 video games, including the latest Arkham Asylum series launched in 2009. On the strength of its success, the game will have three sequels: Arkham City, Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight, whose respective scenarios are conceived as a film series.

Bruce Wayne's Odyssey
Behind Batman's costume is a man named Bruce Wayne. Unlike his rival and sidekick Superman, he is a human without superpowers.

A tortured man
After watching helplessly as his parents were murdered by a thief on a street in Gotham City, he decided to become a vigilante and fight crime. After this tragic event, Bruce Wayne intensively practiced martial arts, boxing, while studying science. He chose to become Batman when a bat entered the family mansion and terrorized him.

The billionaire with a big heart
Bruce Wayne hides behind the identity of a billionaire and owner of the Wayne Enterprises companies he inherited from his father. Philanthropist, he gives of himself to charities. He created the Wayne Foundation, which funds scientific research, among other things, and also provides support for victims of crime. Thanks to his involvement in his associations, he later became mayor and then senator of Gotham City, and it is in the Wayne Foundation building that the Batcave, its basement that hides all its Batman equipment, is hidden.

Its allies
Although he often acted alone, he had allies, such as Robin (Bruce Wayne's adopted son), his lifelong butler, Alfred Pennyworth, who took care of his education when his parents died, or the police commissioner, James Gordon, whose adopted daughter Barbara Gordon occupied an important place in Batman's history, becoming the Batgirl in the 1967 Comics. She succeeded Betty Kane (1954-1964), who was not very emblematic, and who was only a stooge of the authors to demonstrate that Batman and Robin were not

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