Bear coloring pages 153

The bear is a mammal of the order Carnivora, found mainly in the northern hemisphere, of medium to large size, with a massive body, thick coat, rounded ears and short tail, which walks on the soles of its feet, whose large and powerful paws are equipped with long non-retractable claws and most species are omnivorous. The polar bear is a very large species from the Arctic coastal regions, with a yellowish-white coat, which swims with ease and feeds mainly on seals and fish. The brown bear is a large species from the mountainous regions of Eurasia and western North America, with a large head, a dark brown to yellowish brown coat, and a large muscular hump on its shoulders. The American black bear is a common species of North American forests, with a generally black or brownish coat and a light brown muzzle, sometimes with a white patch on the chest (also called baribal bear or baribal).

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