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At the end of the 18th century, in a small French village, Beauty lived with her father. Lost one night in the forest, he took refuge at the castle of the Beast, which threw him in the dungeon. Unable to bear seeing her father imprisoned, Beauty agreed to take his place, unaware that under the monster's mask was hiding a prince trembling with love for her, but victim of a terrible curse.

Beauty And The Beast is one of the most famous tales in French literature. Before being adapted for film by Jean Cocteau in 1946, and then becoming one of the greatest successes of the Walt Disney studios in 1991, it was first a long fairy tale and philosophy published in 1740 by Gabrielle de Villeneuve. Inspired by a tale by Apuleius, Beauty and the Beast tells a story of redemption through love against a backdrop of rivalries between fairies and offers very detailed reflections on love, family ties and all forms of power. The book was a great success. When she composed her Children's Store in London, Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont imagined adapting this story for a young audience: she simplified the plot, interrupting the story halfway through, when the Beast received from the Belle the kiss that delivered her from the fate cast by a jealous fairy. This new version, published in 1757, was well received. It is in the adaptation given by Leprince de Beaumont that the story is then tirelessly repeated, illustrated countless times and published continuously in many languages for over 150 years.

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