Ben 10 coloring pages 91

Ben 10 is a fabulous series created in 2005 which describes the adventures of Ben Tennyson, a ten year old child with a kind of watch called Omnitrix which holds the incredible power to transform into a multitude of different monsters. Ben dreamed of becoming a hero and wanted to help his neighbour, he did not know that his dream would be realized at a campsite with his cousin and his grandfather. At this camp they find a space rescue capsule crashed on earth where Ben finds the Omnitrix that attaches itself to his wrist, as if it had its own will! Thanks to this watch Ben can transform , but only his body changes, he keeps his child mentality. Ben aims to use his new powers to accomplish his dream, but he'll quickly have complications caused by aliens who long for the Omnitrix. Gwen, Bens cousin, will develop into to a magician and they will fight together against extraterrestrial threats. Among these threats, the most present one which imposes itself as Bens main enemy is  Vilgax a galactic lord determined to get the Omnitrix at any cost so he can create an army of drones capable of adapting to any situation thanks to different genetic codes contained in the Omnitrix in order to conquer the galaxy! However, despite all his efforts Vilgax is kept in check by Ben and what began as a simple desire of possession becomes a grudge against the boy and the want for revenge. 5 years after these events Ben resumed a normal life, having defeated Vilgax, but suddenly his grandfather mysteriously disappears during an investigation of aliens! Ben decides to put the Omnitrix and starts the restless search for him. He discovers a new alien race that wants to take over the planet and Ben will find allies to defeat these new enemies. These are the Plumbers and they have extraterrestrial origins. It will take them a long time to conquer the enemy and when they do Ben joins them, forming with them a group of defence against future invasions. Ben is then stalked by a hunter named Khyber and must face old enemies who have not enjoyed their defeat but as always Ben manages to defeat them. And you, will you conquer you opponents in the company of Ben 10 while you color the beautiful designs that are placed at your disposal?

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