Bob The Builder coloring pages 100

Bob the builder is the hero of a series from English origin bearing his name and having as its name indicates an undeniable talent for DIY! With Bob everything becomes possible and you can do anything! But not alone! Bob has many friends, they're always ready to help him build, repair or imagine new things! And especially Bob is very careful, he pays a lot of attention to his own safety and the one of others, and that's what everyone should do! Bob therefore has a yellow construction helmet, but also often gloves to protect his hands, and he wears blue overalls handy to put things in his pockets. He also has a handy belt where he can slide all his tools in, such as clip nuts, pencils, a screwdriver, a hammer and many other things!

Bob's friends are numerous, first there's Zoe, his partner, and Ben, the red truck bulldozer, Lofty, the timid blue crane, Scoop, the yellow backhoe, Dizzy the orange cement mixer , Roulot, the compressor roll with a pretty green colour, and Spud, the careless scarecrow, Tristan the tractor, Mr. Garden, but Bob also has a cat, Sardine. All of these characters live in Sunflower Valley, where they build their best for the community of their village. It isn't anything to build a village, especially when there was nothing before! They must construct everything, roads, building foundations, walls, roofs, and thinking about the order in which to do things the right way. Building this much requires a lot of organization and that is why teamwork is very important, and Bob has understood that point very well! He strives every day to work as best as he can but also thinks of his friends, always having a good word for them.

But Bob, in addition to being a very good handyman, is also environmentally friendly, and in many episodes of the series there is very good advice to preserve nature.

Do you like Bob and are you are passionate about DIY? You love all his friends and you want to live in Sunflower Valley? These colorings are exactly what you need! Choose your favorite drawing and color it carefully so that the adventure continues thanks to your talent!

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