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Welcome to a treasure of coloring pages of bunnies. We have over 20 specially selected bunny pictures for you to print and color. We also have many bunny pictures that you can color online. You can save them to your computer and also use other programs like Paint to color them in.

In our selection, we have provided many coloring pages especially for young children as they really are fond of fluffy bunnies. With our selection of bunny pictures you will see that there is a lot of white spaces. This is because for younger children, just learning to master holding a pencil or crayon, it is difficult for them to stay in the lines.

When they are preschool age, activities such as coloring in helps them to develop their fine motor skills. When they have attractive and very cute pictures to color, they are motivated to keep trying. With so many different pictures of bunnies that they can choose from, they won’t get bored.

We have fluffy bunnies, cute bunnies, and mostly a wide selection of Easter Bunny coloring pages to choose from. If you are a parent looking for educational ways to entertain your children, coloring is one that is always popular with children of all ages. They get to express themselves with the choices that they make in the colors they choose.

Some children also like to draw extra objects onto their coloring pages. They also can do designs in whatever way they wish to the picture. They don’t just have to choose a single colour and fill in the spaces. You can encourage them to be as creative as they like to be.

When their printed bunny pictures are completed, they can be framed and presented as gifts to loved ones. Grandparents will be particularly fond of getting these artworks to show their friends. Even without framing, they are a lovely present. You can print a bunch of bunny coloring pages and over the Easter holidays to spend time with your children doing them together.

Most parents agree that too much screen time can create a barrier in communication between parents and children. We have found that spending quiet time in a shared creative activity such as coloring in really helps reconnect and bonding during busy schedules.

Going to visit Grandma over Easter, make sure you have downloaded and printed a bunch of these wonder Easter Bunny coloring pages to enjoy on the journey - the time will fly by. If your family is spread throughout the world, how about doing an online bunny coloring picture and then saving it, and sharing it on social media. Your child will be proud to see their work displayed online.

In the category of bunny coloring pages, we do not have many pictures specifically developed for older children, however we do have a very challenging ‘zental anti-stress’ adult coloring one. It may be just the solution for adults to unwind at the end of a chocolate fueled easter egg hunt.

🐰 Drawing Bunny: How to draw a bunny?

Learn to draw and color a easter bunny step by step easily.

Find the best bunny coloring pages for kids & for adults, print 🖨️ and color ✍️ 22 bunny coloring pages ✏️ for free from our coloring book 📚.