Christmas For Kids coloring pages 37

Christmas time is a time for joy and creating family memories that will last a lifetime. If you live in the northern hemisphere, the time of year that Christmas comes along is cold with families huddling inside with short days. It can be sometimes depressing to be stuck inside with small children. However, our festive Christmas pictures can brighten the days in anticipation of Santa’s exciting journey down the chimney, laden with presents and good cheer.
With over thirty-five beautifully rendered coloring pages for you to choose from, your children will have hours of amusement and creativity. We have a selection to suit all ages and stages of development so that even the littlest toddler can join in with the fun of coloring in. The big outline pictures of Santa Claus and reindeers, presents and Christmas trees decked out with baubles and stars will inspire your children to have some quiet time. A great way to save trees is also to choose to complete these lovely Christmas pages by digitally painting them directly from our website, available across all devices.
For loved ones who can’t be with you for Christmas, children can share their images via social media, and with apps like facetime, relatives can send a link and ask for a child to do it while they watch on. The wonders of technology can enhance the age old joy of coloring in. Some children will prefer pencils and crayons and paper, others will prefer digital coloring, with our site, they can have both.
These lovely pictures of Santa preparing his huge bags of presents; his sleigh full of gifts, ready to fly over the homes of good girls and boys will stimulate your children’s imaginations. Just like adults, and even more strongly, children connect emotionally to these images, and they will really enjoy coloring in such happy images.
The pictures in this section include simple outlines of Christmas themes including children waiting asleep while Santa visits and fills their stockings, Santa helping to bake Christmas goodies, building a snowman and decorating the Christmas tree. Scrolling through our images you will see that they all depict the happy anticipation of presents, fun and yummy food, all the elements that make a memorable Christmas Day.
If you are having young children over for Christmas, printing out these cute pictures can occupy the children who will be restless in anticipation of opening presents. The coloring in activity is a way to calm them and give them something creative and productive to do. It is a lot nicer than having them running amok in your house. If children have tablets or other touch screen devices, they can do a lot of online coloring in from these pictures and share them on social media as well. The possibilities are endless.
Spread the traditional Christmas of peace and love by sharing our happy coloring in pictures and celebrate the festive season with all the children in your lives. Printing out the images as an entire book makes a great and inexpensive gift for the kids.

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