Christmas Mandala coloring pages 36

Check out our huge collection of jolly Santa Claus images for you to print out or color in online. We have over 70 pictures to choose from and they represent a huge variety of different styles and depictions of the bearded gift giver. You can see simple line drawings, suitable for young children who may be new to coloring in. The large expanse allows them to practice staying within the lines. As children’s eye hand coordination and find motor skills increase with practice, they will be able to attempt the more intricate coloring pictures.
Many people enjoy coloring in as it allows them to focus on the present moment. When you combine it with a Christmas theme of Santa Claus, you are focusing on the presents as well! Santa Claus is an old man with a white beard, usually wearing red garments and a fur-lined hat. He is famous for living in the North Pole and making a journey on Christmas Eve to distribute presents while children are sleeping. He sneaks into their homes via the chimney if they have one, and as he is quite fat he has to be careful that he does not get stuck.
The pictures in this category show all of these symbolic links and children all over the world, even if they are not fully aware of his story, find his image and what he represents to be instantly recognizable. He has a famous list and he always ‘checks it twice, to find out who’s naughty or nice’ as the song lyrics go. You can even see a picture of him doing this. Children will love this special touch as they can immediately imaging their name is on the list of the good children who will go to bed on Christmas Eve and dream of the presents that they may find on their bed or in their Christmas stocking when they wake up.
You can choose from simple to elegant images of Santa Claus, or Father Christmas as he is sometimes called. There are even ones that show him being quite goofy and silly. All sorts of images can be found here, even one where after a long night of delivering presents, he is happy to sit in his rocking chair reading a good book!
You can find a Santa Claus coloring picture for any mood - kind and friendly, silly or shy. There are many images which include his seven faithful reindeer who magically fly all across the world one night every year.
Remember, anyone who wants to use the pictures, can simply print them off and start coloring. If you prefer, your Christmas Santa Claus pictures can be colored in online with our easy to use digital coloring tools. You can access this feature on every image, and you can use your computer, laptop, phone or tablet. This is particularly great when you are travelling, and your children can have hours of fun with their online coloring in of Santa Claus!

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