Christmas Snowflake coloring pages 44

If you’re looking for a great range of Christmas snowflake pictures to color then you have come to the right place as we have over 40 lovely and different pictures of snowflakes to bring you hours of relaxation and enjoyment. Some of our pictures will be difficult for young children but they will still enjoy the beauty, and they can enjoy learning from you how to ‘stay within the lines’ and also will develop greater hand/eye coordination over time with practice as their brain develops further.

We have snowflake designs for people of all ages including young children. However as the actual crystalline formations of actual snowflakes are geometrically very complex, most of the pictures that we have on our snowflake coloring pages have a degree of complexity that is challenging for teens and adults. You may think it unusual to have a picture of a snowflake to color in, as traditionally and in nature, snowflakes are white. Nevertheless, you may choose to decorate these as they also absorb the light due to their which reflects from them.

Snowflakes come in different shapes and we have embellished them to present quite serious challenges for adults who enjoy coloring mandalas for relaxation purposes. One of our really complex and beautiful snowflake coloring pages is called “snowflake mandala circles” which is challenging as each arm of the snowflake is embellished with uniform circles of varying sizes that form patterns. This will take you hours or even days to complete and it is a very peaceful way to be mindful.

In recent times, mindfulness and meditation has been recommended as the best way to reduce stress that is caused by busy lifestyles. Download one of these complex snowflakes and prepare to lose yourself in the zone, you will feel the stress melting away. It has been proven by researchers that taking time at the end of a stressful day to spend some time, focusing your mind on a task that you don’t need to ‘think’ about and just follow the patterns and lines and fill in the spaces with colors. This helps people with anxiety to calm their minds from racing with the many thoughts that make them distressed. Coloring a snowflake really helps with this type of overthinking. Give it a try!

If you want another challenge, you can also cut around the image (perhaps with a craft knife) and mount the resulting snowflake on a dark coloured card, or you can hang them in your window for festive decorations at Christmas time.

A nice activity for you and your child to share may be to print out the ‘Christmas Snowflake 3’ which is a picture of a fat snowman with different sizes of snowflakes around him. Your child can decorate the body, the large white spaces, while you do the more detailed work on the snowflakes. You can then put the result on the fridge to showcase your joint masterpiece.

Make sure you bookmark this page if you enjoy the challenge of coloring in wonderful snowflake pictures as we update it from time to time. If you want snowflake mandalas, adult snowflake coloring pages as well as scenery including snowflakes, this is the best place to come.

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