Christmas Tree coloring pages 139

If you are looking for some great festive activities, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the coloring pages of Christmas trees. With over 105 pictures, you are sure to find many that you will love to download, print and color. It is such a wonderful time of year, and the key message of Christmas (besides the presents and giving gifts) is time spent with loved ones, from near or far.

Teach your children that giving a meaningful gift from the heart, takes time, effort and love and it is the gift of oneself that makes it a special tribute at Christmas time. You can use our downloadable and printable pictures of Christmas trees to decorate your home, to make greeting cards and to keep your young children occupied while you prepare.

Children are really excited at Christmas time, waiting in eager anticipation for Santa. Preparations start usually in early to mid-December when the kids eagerly help parents to choose and decorate a tree. Whether it is a natural pine tree that you buy new every year, or you have a synthetic one that is boxed up in January, it is always a moment of delight when it is decorated in baubles and trinkets. This makes memories that last a lifetime.

This is the reason why our Christmas tree coloring pages are very popular and have been downloaded hundreds of times by children and adults who want to create their own colorful printed Christmas tree. For young children we have some really cute pictures, such as the one with the cartoon style reindeer climbing a ladder to decorate the tree. There are lots of large spaces of white in this picture which makes it ideal for younger children who are learning how to stay inside the lines, but also don’t yet have much fine motor control.

Some of the items that you will find on most of our Christmas tree coloring pages are the Christmas star or Angel at the top, baubles hanging from the tree that you can create in any color you choose, candy canes, and of course nicely wrapped presents under the tree.

We have many children’s characters amongst the pages, such as Mickey Mouse Winnie the Pooh, SpongeBob, Dora, My Little Pony and Hello Kitty. Adults who enjoy challenging coloring pages won’t be disappointed with our highly detailed and ornamental picture full of angels, toys and candles.

You can select from traditional Christmas tree scenes with lots of details and embellishments, but you can also choose very simple lines. We also have stencils that you can print out, cut out and stick on a card for a 3D collage where children can add glitter, ribbons and other decorations. We provide the pictures - you bring along your imagination to transform it into a magnificent creation.

Coloring with your child is a very rewarding experience and doing a Christmas tree picture together cements the bond between you at this sometimes relentlessly busy time of year. Take the time to slow down and color, it has been proven to reduce stress.

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