Christmas Wreath coloring pages 38

The origin of the Advent wreath, now called Christmas wreath, appears in Roman times before invading the Germanic and Scandinavian countries. To return to the roots of this tradition, we must go back to the time when the winter solstice was celebrated. This custom aimed to mark the hope of the rebirth of the sun. It was the triumph of Light over Darkness, a celebration of Life. To represent this rebirth, the Romans decorated their homes with green foliage and branches, embodying hope and life. Then, to symbolize the perpetual renewal of this cycle of life, the Germanic people wove wheels of foliage. These wheels, or wreaths, were then offered as a gift to be hung if they were intended for us. By bringing this to the guests, they wished them good health. Following this, the Christians were inspired by this pagan festival for the traditions of Advent. Thus, the wheel became a crown during the 16th century, the Advent crown. Believers would hang it from the ceiling, or place it on a table, and decorate it with four candles marking the four weeks of Advent. The tradition was to light one more candle each week. The popularization of Christmas and its wreath gave the holiday a whole new meaning: that of hospitality. Hanging on the door, it spreads the promise of a warm welcome to those who would enter the house, always in the spirit and in the conviviality of Christmas.

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