Cupid coloring pages 56

Designated as an angel, whose attributes and roundness he displays, Cupid reaches out with an arrow 🏹 to the hearts of humans ❤️ to arouse deep feelings and desire. Whoever he touches immediately feels love for the first person he meets. Cupid carries in him the heritage of his mother Venus, the most beautiful of the Goddesses, great seductress before the eternal. But also that of his father Mars, the valiant God of War, with whom she had an adulterous relationship. The alliance of grace and will gives birth to this being who will not cease to make passion spring forth. In art, Cupid is most often represented in this way, in the form of an angelic child, with his bow 🏹 or flowers🌹, half naked, embodying both innocence and casualness as he touches a little at random, without really having any reason to do so. This is how love holds many surprises for those who suddenly feel it.

Cupid provokes love and embodies the concept of love at first sight. In one fell swoop, one is emotionally overcome by the vision of the other, with the sole objective of seducing him to make his soul mate. It's as if we have been stung by a magic touch that transforms our destiny and offers us the opportunity to love. However, it happens that there are slight discrepancies in the propulsion of the arrows, and that one falls more intensely and quickly in love than the other, leaving time for Cupid to string his bow again. Sometimes Cupid is blindfolded, symbolizing the blindness of love, which refuses to accept some obvious facts. While no one can see him, Cupid is able to strike everywhere, and to bewitch humans, developing in them all kinds of love madness.

The myth of Cupid 💘 has crossed the time and serves the love since the eternity. It becomes even more concrete on February 14, date of Valentine's Day, when he establishes his power. He is the one who leads the festivities and presides over love. Invoking him can be beneficial to be loved in return, but he will not contribute alone, to establish the magic between two people. It is also necessary that each one puts some effort in it, so that it can carry out its divine mission, hoping that it lasts more than the time of a celebration. To last in a love relationship, it is sometimes necessary to praise again and again the good graces of this angel.

Cupid brings to love his mischievous and unexpected character. He who knew the despair of loving too much Psyche the mortal, that his mother refused to him, until the Gods offer him the ambrosia, lets himself be guided by chance. This is how the most representative couples as well as the most unlikely ones choose and love each other, letting the alchemy upset their meaning and their preconceived ideas. Love cannot be ordered, it happens without warning, and that's good, because it can be very surprising. It can be absolute, incredible, harmonious, crazy, each one lives it in his own way according to his own hopes and inclinations.

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