Diego coloring pages 36

Diego is a eight years old boy and already an experienced adventurer and explorer !He's also Dora's cousin and with his eleven year old sister, Alicia , he does not hesitate to take risks to protect the animals and their environment. Armed with his backpack and camera , not to mention his watch to communicate with his sister, he travels the jungles and plains of Africa and other parts of the world to help all animals through his exceptional gift which is to be able to talk to them and understand them. We never get bored with Diego and in every episode there are plenty of things to learn about animals and their homes . Fortunately the parents of Diego are also very involved in the preservation of nature and he can count on their support and assistance to progress in his travels . Diego also has loyal friends among the animals , like the adorable Jaguar cub in the spotted coat , monkeys with whom he likes to climb trees, leatherback turtles and elephants. Diego is also a great sportsman, who loves running and jumping in nature but also enjoys playing  football, skateboarding or even hang gliding !

But that 's not all , Diego is also a very serious boy , who loves to learn new things and his great sense of observation allows him to notice many things that would have gone unnoticed without him! Diego is full of energy and with these colorings you can find him in all the activities you have seen in the episodes of Go, Diego, Go! he is the hero . Either alone observing nature through his telescope , with monkeys jumping from vine to vine , perched on a tree , along with Dora or even on the back of a turtle in the open ocean you can have fun coloring Diego and friends using all the colors of your choice , either to look like the character you know from the series or changing it to make it as you see it in your imagination . Feel free to browse all the designs that are available to you to find those that best suit your tastes !

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