Dora The Explorer coloring pages 85

Dora the Explorer is one of the most famous cartoons at the moment! With this young Spanish-American girl you may have learned the foundations of English or even Spanish by watching her  traveling the world in her adventures in increasingly fun episodes! She travels from country to country and even in space , Dora the Explorer is not alone in her adventures since Boots often accompanies her by his, her loyal light blue monkey with amazing red boots , Diego , her best friend, or Totor the bull with strong character . And of course we must not forget Swiper the fox who's a thief that creates trouble in many Dora adventures ! You can find all these characters in the colorings  that you are offered , as well as others such as Vera the lizard or the Fiesta Trio , consisting of a frog, a grasshopper and a snail. Have fun coloring the background or the characters, their clothes, their eyes, skin or their hair and accessories , choosing the original colors for the animated drawings or other outputs of your imagination! There are hundreds of possibilities for each design , so every time you can get exactly what you want! And of course you can color as much as you want to get different versions , for example by choosing colors for each day of the week . All Dora's coloring images allow you to vary the scenes where you can find your favorite super hero, and if you have the imagination you can reconstruct an entire story with all the proposed drawings! Whether it's in the jungle, the city ,the countryside, the car or a Dora party you will be surprised by the great diversity of scenes that you can color! In addition you can print your coloured drawings and decorate your room with the characters of the series, or even print them to color with actual crayons to train yourself not to be exceeded the lines of the images .Then simply invent extraordinary stories with Dora , imagining what could she do in exotic countries , what friends she could have around the world and what new languages could she learn​​!

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