Dragon Ball Z coloring pages 66

Dragon Ball Z, a famous series  about the son of the equally famous Goku! Gohan was born in 1989 from the feather of Akira Toriyama. To the delight of fans of Son Goku it was now possible to follow the fabulous adventures he lived with the son he had with Chichi. While this little family lived peacefully their daily routine, a man claiming to be from another planet reveals to Goku that he too is from another planet where fierce warriors lived which he is one of the few survivors. The man's name is Raditz and claims to be the brother of Son Goku. He added that he was sent to earth to conquer it and he wants help with Vegeta to take possession of a strong planet! Son Goku refuses the request and Raditz threatens to take his son if he did not help. He eventually removes Gohan and Goku decides to fight at all costs to get him back! Finally it is an ally of Son Goku who defeats Raditz who then lets them know before dying that in a year the Saiyans will arrive. In the fabulous world of Dragon Ball the balls made of crystal belonging to the dragon are used to fulfill the wish of those who manage to gather the seven balls and the most desirable wish is immortality, when the Saiyans arrive they want to take advantage of this so that Goku won't be able to defeat them and for them to conquer the land without any problem but Son Goku will do anything to stop them, leading to epic battles, fighting heroically against opponents supported by his loyal friends , his son has the same amazing ability as him, that of becoming a super Saiyan, a high-powered warrior. Throughout his battle against Vegeta Son Goku will get to know and realize that it he is not a bad person, he will try to reason with him, but still fighting with him and eventually make him see reason after many clashes. But he is not alone in wanting to take over the Earth and there are other enemies to defeat! That's when Vegeta ranks alongside Son Goku to help protect his home land. Once the enemy is defeated the  land finds peace again. Have these wonderful adventures fascinated you? Do not hesitate to take your crayons, choose an image to colour and have fun coloring these heroic Dragon ball z adventures!

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