Encanto coloring pages 25

Yes, the Madrigal family is truly fantastic, in every sense of the word. Because they are heirs to a powerful and mysterious magic, but also because they are real. Simply because it is true. In Encanto, sisters get on each other's nerves, cousins bicker and generations clash. But we love each other, despite everything, above all else. With this new animated film, Pixar plunges its audience into Colombia, in a remote region surrounded by mountains, where the Madrigals live. Far from being like everyone else, the members of this family are each given a distinct power during childhood. Thanks to this power, each of them will be able, in his or her own way, to contribute to the smooth running of the village that relies on their magic. While some possess Herculean strength or perfect beauty, others are able to hear everything that is said from miles away or to heal wounds.

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