Fairy coloring pages 54

Fairies are different from one culture and country to another. For some they live in another dimension and come in ours with their incredible powers to meddle in the affairs of men, they have a size similar to that of a human, and if it wasn't for their incredible beauty nothing would differentiate them. For others they are tiny creatures with fragile translucent wings cleverly hidden in flowers in the deep valleys and beautiful forests and away from people and their problems, approaching them only with their games and make victims out of people from their pranks! But whatever version ,a fairy has great powers and can offer useful help to those who know how to please her! They love music, dancing and beauty as they are beautiful and they attach great importance to all things that reflect them and observe at leisure! Their powers  affecting nature can totally influence the destiny of humanity, that's how powerful they are! It is therefore better not to annoy a fairy ! They are slender and very flexible and their size is often fine. Their clothes can be similar to those of a human or they can be made from natural elements like leaves, plants and flowers. Nobody knows what these incredible beings can eat, some say that hope and faith is enough to keep them alive, others say that they only need  pure fresh water. In some countries the fairies are regarded as spirits, in others mermaids like Ariel, are fairies! The diversity of these creatures is amazing and can even include the elves and dwarves , which makes a great fairy family. In some tales, such as Sleeping Beauty, the fairies are godmothers to an infant to whom they offer gifts, this is how Aurora had her angel voice and unparalleled beauty! These three godmothers are not the only tale to appear in the universe of Disney, there is also Tinker Bell and all her friends who are just waiting, to be colored with the most beautiful colors thanks to you and your imagination!

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