Flamingo coloring pages 39

The pink flamingo 🦩 is a wading bird with a long and elegant silhouette easily recognizable. The body is entirely colored of a more or less pronounced pinkish white, perched on long thin legs, also pinkish, and webbed. The wing cover very frequently presents an intense pink coloration, but the primary and secondary remiges are black. The beak, thick and curved, with black tip, is unique in the ornithological world, because it allows the filtration of water and mud. The coloring of the plumage comes from the carotenoid pigments present in the crustaceans and algae that the bird consumes.

To find its food, the pink flamingo walks in the water by probing it with its beak, with the help of which it filters crustaceans and invertebrates. This one is equipped with combs which retain food and an adaptation which enables him to evacuate the salt contained in water. It also eats algae and aquatic plants, small mollusks, annelid worms, insects and larvae mainly aquatic. It is the ingestion of its favorite prey, shrimps of the species Artemia salina, which gives it its pink color.

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