Frozen coloring pages 188

Disney had outdone itself again by creating this fun, entertaining, and incredible musical adventure for people of all ages to enjoy. Frozen is a story about two sisters, Anna and Elsa, who grew up together, but was separated due to an accident that occurred during their childhood. They live in the same castle, but never speak or see each other, until the day the older sister, Elsa becomes queen. It was at her coronation that Anna learns that her sister has powers to control ice and snow, and when Elsa runs away due to an unforeseen incident, Anna must find her and bring her back home so that Elsa can end the eternal winter she had accidentally sets off. Just like previous Disney movies, the animation in this movie is beautiful; the music is captivating, and the storyline unforgettable. Many people argue that all Disney movies essentially end the same way. However Frozen brings in its intricacies. For example, Elsa is not the typical Disney princess. In fact, she is the oldest Princess at age 21, and the first ever Disney Princess character who is not a teenager. Anna is the only Disney character to ever sing a duet with a villain! Disney has stuck to some traditions with this film, however; the story is based on a Hans Christian Anderson story. One of the most captivating things about this film is that you can never predict what would happen. You think you know what is going to happen to a character, but then it turns out you are completely wrong. You would not know who the villain is until the end of the movie, which keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout the whole film; in the beginning, you would think this was just going to be some magical adventure without a villain at all! This is also an incredibly emotional Disney film. This movie teaches some serious family lessons, which makes it particularly perfect for parents and their children to watch together. This film is most definitely worth buying and can be seen over and over. Note to parents out there, if you can handle the incredibly catchy soundtrack, this is easy entertainment for your kids. The music in this movie may be a little harder to memorize compared to past Disney movies. However the most popular song "Let It Go" is easy enough to memorize, and it is still played on the radio till today. There's also a more modern approach to the music and the characters. At one point the movie, Anna was stuffing her face with chocolate while singing about it. And of course, there are princesses and talk of true love in the movie (as with any other Disney movie). However, this isn't necessarily a "girl movie" as boys would enjoy this film as well. The snowy powers are great and dangerous at the same time, there is a snow monster and wolves in the movie too, plus everything is clear and blue! The characters are well developed, and the humor is exceptional. This is perhaps one of the funniest, and adventurous Disney movies you will ever see. Every character has something that they do that is particularly humorous, whether it is sarcasm, honesty or innocence. This is beyond a doubt an excellent family movie that is suitable for people of all ages. "Frozen" promises to captivate you both visually and musically with its stunning animation, in-depth characters, memorable soundtrack and heartfelt ending.

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