Gingerbread House coloring pages 47

While the origins of gingerbread are clear, the origins of the gingerbread house decorated as a family at Christmas are not. Gingerbread, this honey cake flavoured with various spices, first appeared in China in the Middle Ages and then became popular in Europe. The cookies that are used today to create little men or to decorate houses are different.

In Germany, for example, gingerbread exists in two forms: soft, called Lebkuchen, and more rigid, especially associated with carnivals and Christmas markets held in many Germanic cities. Hard gingerbread has decorative shapes decorated with candy and frosting. The tradition of cutting gingerbread with cookie cutters was born at this time, and exists in many countries. The most famous example is the gingerbread man. Traditionally, this bread was dipped in port wine. Roots (of ginger?) of this tradition can also be found in the Nordic countries, such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. These cookies are baked and decorated at Christmas time.

Wicked witch : We then move on to the story of the Grimm brothers who, in 1812, told the misadventures of Hansel and Gretel. A brother and sister abandoned in the forest by their parents find themselves in the gingerbread house of an old cannibal witch. This house decorated with candies and sweets is made entirely of this sweet biscuit with such tempting aromas. Today, parents and children decorate tiny houses with confectionery and royal icing to decorate tables for festive gatherings.

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