Goldfish coloring pages 26

The goldfish is a domestic freshwater fish 🐠 common in ponds and aquariums around the world. The common goldfish is the best known variety. It differs little from the wild form except for its brighter color, and can reach a size of 30 to 45 cm. The body is elongated, the tail and fins small in relation to the body. It was originally golden, but with the appearance of breeding in China it became red, calico, white or black. The goldfish would have a memory of approximately three months, would be sensitive to the colors and the sounds. This fish is omnivorous. In ponds, puddles and mixed ponds (water and plants) not too populated, it finds in principle living and vegetable food in sufficient quantity. In overcrowded ponds, fish tanks and aquariums, it will be given as a complement or as a main menu, adapted commercial food.

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