Halloween Cute coloring pages 20

Welcome to our Halloween bat themed coloring in pages. As you can see, we have some really cute printable for your young (and not so young) ones to enjoy over the holidays. With all the excitement of this time of year, it is important to also have some quiet reflection time and coloring in is an activity that has been demonstrated to quieten the mind.

Bats are a popular theme in Halloween festivities as they symbolize the dark side. This is for two reasons. Firstly, because they are blind, so they live in darkness. Secondly, they have been associated with vampires due to the fact that the most famous vampire story, Dracula, connected the presence of bats with the vampire. In the famous story by Bram Stoker the vampire, Dracula, was believed to transform into a Vampire Bat as some species of bats are known to feast on blood.

As Halloween has a long tradition of dressing up as scary creatures, the bat has become famously associated with the vampire and other spooky things in general. The bats that we have in our coloring- in pages are mainly cute, rather than scary and so even young children can have fun with them.

Take the time to browse through the many Halloween bat images that we have in blackline masters. You can find a range of basic outlines so that your children can add their own embellishments to the forms. For children who are just acquiring the fine motor skills they need to stay within the lines, the basic Halloween Bat outline is perfect. One of the best things with printable coloring-in pages is that if they make mistakes, you can print out another copy and they can start again.

For teenagers and adults, we have really attractive and intricate Halloween bat pictures that are great for mindfulness. Focusing on the lines really helps to bring attention of the mind to the task at hand, instead of the many electronic distractions. Adult coloring-in books and activities have become quite popular in recent years for this reason, and some people find them mildly addictive (in a good way).

We have put together this collection of Halloween bats for you to enjoy with your children. Many children love getting dressed up in fancy costumes and going out to Halloween parties. These coloring- in masters of Halloween bats can also be used as costume accessories and for cosplay. It is a great way to personalize an outfit.

They make great additions to school projects and teachers can print them out for a quiet activity as a reward for students who have completed their work already. You may not approve of trick and treating for many reasons, but a nice activity with friends over, sharing time doing Halloween bats is a great alternative, especially for the shyer members of your family.

This year for Halloween consider the wonderful bats that we have on our website for fun activities, decorations and distractions for young and older children.

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