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Welcome to Coloring-Pages for Halloween Pumpkins where you can browse from over 40 pictures of these funny and spooky pumpkins. We cater for all sorts of interests. Halloween is not complete without a Halloween Pumpkin, or Jack-o-Lantern. One of the most iconic symbols of Halloween is the pumpkin. Even the colors associated with Halloween are orange and black which relates to the importance of Halloween pumpkins. Halloween pumpkins are famously known as “Jack o’Lanterns” when they are carved into a face and a candle is inside it.

The top of the pumpkin is hollowed out and a face is carved on the outside. The flickering light from the candle inside the pumpkinThe eerie shadows fall and dance as the flames play on the inside, showing through the carved eyes, nose and mouth.

There is a tradition particularly in the United States which was adopted from an Irish tradition of carving pumpkins with ghoulish faces. It was the Irish that named this pumpkin figure a Jack-o-Lantern (Jack of the Lantern) who was reputed to have sold his soul to the devil and then had to remain on earth in this form, only with a candle to light his way in his carved lantern. In folklore sometimes the pumpkin took the place of a severed head. It was believed that at the time where spirits were likely to be wandering around, for All Souls or All Hallows Day, the Jack-o-Lantern would ward them away and protect the family or group.

Even though they are scary, there are many different adaptations nowadays of the Halloween pumpkin. One thing is for sure, no Halloween celebration is complete without one, or at least a picture of one. Our site is where This is where you can find so many amazing scary, cute, simple or elaborate Halloween pumpkins coloring pages to download and color-in. These are really popular for classroom activities, and there are so many different styles to choose from. Even though traditional colors for Halloween pumpkins are orange and green or black, there is no reason why you can’t be creative and use any combination of colors.

You can find really simple large lines for young toddlers who may be just starting to manage a crayon or pencil. These ones are specifically designed to be appealing to young children so they have large friendly and goofy eyes and big smiles. They are not scary at all. Then as the more traditional images, some of the Halloween pumpkins look a bit scary or sinister and some of them are just cheeky.

For adults looking for coloring in Halloween pumpkins for mindfulness or relaxation, we have some very intricate and sophisticated designs that will take you many hours to complete while your mind can stop racing.

If you are looking for cute, creepy or spooky Halloween pumpkins for the holiday then you are sure to find exactly the type of coloring page picture that you and your children or students will enjoy. Make sure you bookmark us and visit us regularly as we are always uploading new coloring pages.

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