Hello Kitty coloring pages 292

Hello Kitty is a cute kitten created in 1974 by the Sanrio company in Japan, and soon became a fashion phenomenon known to all. Recognizable by her white fur and pink or red accessories, Hello Kitty is popular to all ages, whether it's kids or adults! Hello Kitty lives in London, England, with her mother Mary White, her father George, and her twin sister Mimmy, who wears her ribbon on her right ear unlike Hello Kitty, which distinguishes them both! Both kittens often go on walks and live extraordinary adventures that you can find in all these colorings! Indeed Hello Kitty is a born adventurer who will take you on wonderful trips to experience magical moments, and all the designs that are available to you will allow you to extend the dream by imagining what might have happened before or after the scene you'll see. In addition of coloring, you'll get closer to Hello Kitty , because as you know her grandfather is a very talented painter! If you love Hello Kitty's world than surely you know all her friends, Tim and Tammy, Tracy, Fifi, Mory, Cathy, Rory, Jodie, Tippy, Joey and Tiny Chum. Well you can find them through all these drawings! Do you have any favourites? You will surely find one with the Hello Kitty coloring designs and you'll be able to invent her some extraordinary stories inspired by the scene that you will be given! Jumpstart your imagination using completely new colors for Hello Kitty's clothes and fur and her friends. On the other side, you can use the universe created by Sanrio faithfully keeping the original colors and by observing well the drawings you can reproduce more easily the image to impress your friends with your talent! You will find in this category dozens of drawings of all kinds that will allow you to dream and travel, but also to make your imagination work by inventing new stories while coloring!


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