Horse coloring pages 194

Horses are animals that are loved by many, and you too are probably passionate about them with their combining strength and grace. Men have long seen in these animals the companion almost indispensable to their daily life, primarily for useful reasons and for the pleasure of riding the rhythm of their gallop. Maybe you too had the chance to be part of a riding club? There are many things to learn about horses, and often those who are passionate memorize the names of their body parts to be able to identify and better understand these animals. You know of course that a horse has a mane, hooves and muzzle, but did you know that the experts did not say paws  but legs to appoint the members of the horses? Do you know that to describe the color of a horse  we need to talk about their coat and mane? Do you know the mouse's gray dress, characterized by a gray coat and black mane, or dappled gray with a light gray background and more light spots? You know that the black coat is the rarest in the world for most breeds of horses and a horse can't have any white spots, even on the legs or forehead, to be considered black coat and qualified as a zain? You may also know some breeds of horses, such as the famous Anglo-Arabian, combining the strength of English horses and fascinating Arabian finesse horses? Or the Frisian, the great horse usually with a black and curly mane as if it was done at the hairdresser! The horses are such a broad specie that it would take hours to talk about, especially with the fact that a horse can do many things! You can discover vast areas with long walks, jumping higher barriers and even participate in jumping contests, practice making graceful volts and dancing with your horse for training contests or yet to harness them for walking princes and princesses in a carriage! If you like horses you probably also want to learn to draw them, and a great way to start is by coloring them, which you will learn to identify the lines of a horse before you start your turn to draw the horse of your dreams!

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