Hulk coloring pages 13

Bruce Banner is a physicist, creator of a new bomb, the G based on Gamma rays and created for the U.S. Army. During a test Bruce sees a lying teenager in his car following a stupid bet made with fellow teenagers. Bruce then asks his assistant to stop the countdown and then runs to the test area to save the imprudent young boy and pushes him in a protective area but Bruces assistant is actually a Russian spy in the balance of the government sent to seize the secrets of the physicist and he lets a bomb explode. Bruce does not have the time to get away and is bombarded by gamma rays that deeply modify his DNA but surprisingly it doesn't kill him. He is placed under observation in the hospital with the young man he saved and everything seems normal until one night when he transforms, intense pain followed by becoming huge. His gray skin and whole body are unrecognizable as his way of thinking seems to suddenly become primitive, like an animal. He destroyed the wall of the infirmary by pushing  it and he doesn't budge when a jeep rushes into him, demonstrating his incredible strength. A guard nicknamed him "Hulk" because of his colossal proportions, which means "juggernaut". Later Hulk becomes Bruce again and the physicist notices that he transforms only during times of stress or anger and he becomes the creature animated by all the rage buried in him. Bruce isolates himself  for being a danger to anyone and to preserve himself from these horrific transformations but he will come out of his isolation by SHIELD to participate in the Avengers project in which he'll be more or less friendly with the other Avengers. He'll be a particularly valuable ally for them and for their enemy a frightening opponent. The transformation phases for Bruce are short but quite remarkable and showy and primitive behaviour during these phases worry teammates yet he never turns against them. When the project with the Avengers finished he returned home to isolate himself and continued to learn new methods to channel his emotions. Hulk was originally gray but he was then changed into the colours green to have a more impressive look. And you, how do you see Hulk? Take a picture from the gallery and color according to your desire of Hulk!

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