Iron Man coloring pages 127

Iron Man, the man made from iron, the name immediately evokes one of the most popular heroes of Marvel Comics (created by Stan Lee, the father of Spider-Man and Daredevil) and the most original. Iron Man is indeed one of the few heroes to not have undergone any transformation or to be born with any extraordinary powers, but instead he is an incredibly intelligent and charismatic man, Tony Stark, who has voluntarily established its exceptional armour , bringing the most advanced armour of his time and even very futuristic technologies.

But what do you really know about this hero? Maybe you know his terrible burden, weakness, near his heart and propagating every time he uses his armour too hard?

Perhaps you have been fascinated by his laboratory, and by the artificial intelligence he created, or do you worship for his repartee? Indeed Tony Stark is known to be a man who does not mince words, loving verbal jousts in which his superior intelligence allows him to triumph handily. You know perhaps his main enemies, as Obadiah Stane, the Titanium Man, the Mandarin, the Phantom, the Unicorn or Doctor Doom and the Black Widow.

But one of the most interesting things outside of course the hero himself is his armour, and the amazing way he takes and puts his armour, using a robot and almost technologies as futuristic as the armour itself! Through this series of coloring you can showcase your favorite hero through pictures all more classy than the other , in his vigilant posture, beating his enemies, steal or rescue the innocent and you're even lucky to find in this collection of drawings enemies and friends of Iron Man. All this will allow you to extend the dream that Iron Man could make you live through his films, his games or other media, and imagine new stories he could live or even new colors for his equipment! Feel free to browse all these drawings and add them to your collection, and sharing your creations with your friends to impress them!


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