Kids coloring pages 1035

Here is a series of colorings on the theme of kids! Here you can find coloring pages featuring kids like you or from  far away countries ! Whether in situations that you know like being in class or sport activities, family, traveling, or others that you have not experienced yet , you can color the children of the world and landscapes where they live in . As all children of the world love to have fun with their friends, learn new things and meet new animals. Have fun coloring their clothes, their hair and skin, but also the objects they use and settings in which they live . There's tons of designs available and you will find undoubtedly several scenes that you'll enjoy coloring! Whether in the city or in the countryside, in birthday parties, in the mountains or at the beach, under the sun or in the rain , at home or outside , you will discover a large variety of characters that you like or live in a totally different way! Let your imagination run wild by coloring them and invent stories for them! Are they gifted in school or do they prefer other activities ? In which country do they live? What animals do they prefer ? What sport do they like to practice? Who are their parents? Will they become astronauts or great musicians, horse breeders or clowns in a circus , veterinaries or firefighters , major athletes or school teachers, it's up to you depending on the image that is given to you! There's no limit at all and you can use any color that you like to give life to the scenes that you've chosen to color or even add elements by drawing them yourself, like the sun, flowers , toys or animals. Then, once your pencils are stored, you can play outside or invite your friends to have fun and learn your own lessons, if your parents agree and time allows it of course !In addition to these drawings you can also  teach yourself to draw the images by observing and trying to copy them on another sheet .

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