Luca Disney coloring pages 28

Luca Paguro is a pre-teen sea monster living off the depths of an Italian riviera called Portorosso. He spends his days watching over sheepfish in marine crop fields. His parents, Daniela and Lorenzo, keep him from going to the surface for fear that he will be caught by humans and then killed, but raising fish day after day bores Luca. One day, Luca decides to collect some human objects that he finds in some corners of the depths. On his way, he meets another young sea monster named Alberto Scorfano. The latter, says he has already been several times on earth and has a hiding place on Isola del Mare, an island near Portorosso where he claims to live with his father. Luca discovers later that on the mainland, the water on his scales dries, turning him into a human. Luca finds a poster in Alberto's hideout showing a Vespa, and they soon decide to create their own using pieces of wood and cables. All the while, Luca tries to keep his double life a secret from his parents, with only his grandmother knowing about his little secrets.

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