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Magic, it's magic! Here is a beautiful magic coloring gallery specially selected for you! "But how are they magic? " you wonder, well because the colors that should be used are shown on the drawing with a reference number or letter and you'll be certain and sure not to be mislead in your choice! It's time for you to be bold and daring to succeed in creating a unique design with colors that are suggested to you! In addition some of these drawings can sometimes teach you in a fun and original way to do math by applying the colors corresponding to the proposed answers to the right place. But that's not all! these fabulous designs may also help you learn the alphabet, vocabulary, grammar and conjugation by presenting objects, places, characters or cute, fun and easy coloring animals! Please do not hesitate to choose the appropriate level adapted to you , getting help also if you need it from your parents. There is magic coloring pages for all levels, which will also help you see your progress according to your speed to finish them. And for you to even have more choices you'll also even have a magical coloring theme! Famous characters from cartoons or video games, may be a fearless hero defending friendship and sharing, daring explorers, geniuses capable of inventing extraordinary machines! And more, castles, princesses, rabbits, birds, butterflies, horses, adorable cats or kittens, fish of all kinds, pretty flowers, cars, musical instruments, unicorns, dragons, knights, boats, exotic landscapes, fruits, the world of magical coloring is infinite as the imagination! Hours of fun, reflection, colors and games await you in our beautiful gallery of magical pictures! Come see what's available to you and choose the designs you like the most and learn while having fun , once these beautiful drawings are colored you can show them to your parents and your friends, share with them the beautiful moments speaking about these works and even offer those you love your work of art because a beautiful drawing is always fun to have!

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