Mandala coloring pages 263

Do you know the Mandalas? Originally it was a Sanskrit word meaning circle, which may mean by extension the environment and the community. But it is especially a graph concept, which is to replicate intricate and circular patterns to form a unique design, combining elegance and sophistication, sometimes with a touch of whimsy. The Mandalas are not the easiest to draw and coloring these require your full attention to get them right! In fact you will have to be very careful and meticulous to color them without exceeding the proposed areas, and if you haven't colored a Mandala before it's better that you first choose the rather simple models, with large coloring areas . But a successful y colored Mandala will always be a proud moment for you, because the results can be very impressive, especially since only a few are capable of having enough patience to achieve the most complicated Mandala! This is a challenge that you'll give yourself by choosing this category, prepare well your crayons and be ready to put all your concentration in your work because success will only depend on you! But of course you have no need to worry if you mess up your Mandala you can always start over with a new design, choosing the same or trying to select a less difficult coloring. All the drawings offered here will allow you hours of coloring, a level that few other drawings will give you, and the success of a challenge will always be a delight for you! Do not hesitate to use bold color combinations, as Mandala made by specialists are always very colourful, with lots of orange hues, bluish, greens, yellow, red, purple or violet, in impressive mixtures! And of course when you're done you can offer your Mandala to someone you love because such work is always appreciated! To go further with the Mandala did you know that some used colored sand to draw? This very complicated method requires much practice and is generally performed by Buddhist monks, and if you are interested you can find some awesome examples! Especially since these creations of sand are destined to be poured in the sea or in the course of a river, and therefore short-lived, if not you can take photos !

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