Mario coloring pages 30

Mario World is one of the largest and most addictive worlds of video games! The famous plumber, sometimes accompanied by his friend Luigi, lived exciting adventures, often difficult but always victorious, travelling worlds full of living mushrooms, break bricks, pipes to borrow, secret passages, flying turtles and of many other things! Mario is the icon of the traditional  game platform and that all generations know! Perhaps your parents have already played! Mario really brings all generations together because of his colourful adventures offer difficulty levels that can please everyone. Have you ever enraged against the countdown and wanted to have even just a few seconds to complete your level? Have you ever had the pleasure of lowering the flag of a castle by a very high score? If so you might have a lot to teach those who are interested in Mario! But Mario isn't only that platform game, this hero has reinvented itself and adapted to the demands of its fans! You may have already played Mario Kart, trying to negotiate the turns closer and avoid the pitfalls of your enemies, or even launch them! Maybe you already played Doctor Mario, a great game inspired by Tetris where you have to stack colored capsules to remove the virus? Since the first game where Mario appeared in 1981 and to today dozens of games are available where we can find our moustached hero! But Mario isn't alone in his adventures, which is why you may prefer another character in the series! Luigi In fact, his faithful companion often dressed in green and white is a very endearing character, often deleted because of the charismatic presence of Mario but no less important in his adventures! There is also of course Princess Peach, and the one who insists on removing Mario, Bowser, there's also Yoshi, one of the most popular characters after Mario, a dinosaur that comes in several colors! Mario World is so vast that it is impossible to mention everything, but fortunately you'll be able to now choose your favorite heroes from the proposed designs and color as you want to put in even more value to the characters! 

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