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You will find some really cute and interesting Moana coloring pages for your children. If your children loved Moana the movie, they can bring to life the wonderful story by coloring in. Even for young children with limited coordination, the online coloring pages can help improve their fine motor skills. As Moana is a story about a girl saving her people and bringing her closer to her family, coloring this with your children will also bring you closer and stronger as a unit. We are always adding additional pages so be sure to check in regularly.
Moana is a teenage girl who wants more freedom. She is highly controlled by her fearful parents. They don’t want her to venture far from home. Her village is suffering from a lack of food, but her father is too scared to go further away to find new places to live. It is a story based on Polynesian folklore to explain why the ancient Polynesians stopped questing across the pacific for a thousand years.
Type: as the main character is a brave girl, many girls in the 6 - 10 years age range will enjoy it. However, the stubborn demi-god beefcake, Maui provides a lot of action and fun for boys too.

Moana Disney Characters

There are really only 2 main characters in this movie, but there are a few supporting members who are important. They are: Moana is the hero of the story. She is a feisty teenager who has an adventurous spirit. She wants to go exploring beyond the reef of her small island, against her parents’ wishes. She has the power to tame waves, the ocean is her friend so she doesn’t need to fear the distant voyages she goes on.
Maui is a demigod who created the islands. He is huge and stubborn. HIs body is covered with tattoos that tell of his great conquests and adventures. He stole the heart of a goddess and without it, Moana’s people are doomed to failing crops and bad fishing stock until he decides to return it to her. He holds a magical fish hook that allows him to shape shift and create islands from the sea.
Tui is the popular chief of the people on Moana’s island. He hopes that one day Moana will follow in his footsteps. However he is scared that she will want to find out more about the wider world beyond the reef. He controls her and forbids her to go past the reef, which just makes her want it more.
Tala is Moana’s grandmother. She is wise and wants Moana to find her true identity, as the village leader. She supports Moana’s quest to go beyond the reef to save her people.
Tamatoa is a giant 50-foot crab. He is very self-centred, vain and proud. He lives in the monsters’ realm. He wants to rise above his station in life and surrounds his body in shiny objects to make others feel he is more special than he really is. He hates Maui.
Hei Hei provides comic relief as a rooster that always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He almost became Maui’s meal at one stage, until Moana saved him.

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