Monkey coloring pages 114

Monkeys and anthropoid animals are primates that live in the trees of tropical and subtropical forests. The difference between a monkey and an anthropoid animal is often small, but important. Both groups have hands that have thumbs for grasping objects, and they can move on two legs for some distance, although the majority of species prefer to move through trees. The majority are completely covered with hair. In some species, parts of the body have only a few hairs, often the face or the hindquarters. For some, the hairless parts are used to attract females. They are the most evolved mammals that animal evolution has produced. However, monkeys are less developed than the anthropoid primates, also called, great apes. One of the particularities that differentiates an ape from an anthropoid animal is the size of its brain. This gives it a greater intelligence, compared to an ape, naturally. They have long arms and short legs. They move on the ground with the help of their hands, in a bent over way. They have thinner fur than monkeys. Monkeys do not grow as large as the anthropoid animals, of which the orangutan is the largest of the arboreal mammals. Monkeys have tails, many of which they use to hold onto branches and help them move through the trees. Anthropoid animals, on the other hand, do not have tails.

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