Mulan coloring pages 30

Mulan is a beautiful girl with long black hair with a little bit of hair going down to between her eyes and she is also quite chubby. She is also of average height, quite skinny, with a small chest, black eyes and thick eyebrows. The character of Mulan is different from the Disney classics, especially the princesses. She presents herself as a brave and determined young girl who shows little interest in love affairs2. She also goes against the archetypes of Chinese girls of the time, who are expected to be quiet, reserved, polite, obedient and silent. Instead, she is independent, very clumsy, rambunctious, and outspoken. While at the beginning of the first film she is still insecure and regrets dishonoring her family, over time she gains self-confidence as she helps save China. Her courage, determination and ingenuity will help her in these adventures to gain the respect of others.

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