Naruto coloring pages 96

Blond hair, blue eyes, features similar to whiskers on the cheeks, Naruto Uzumaki is a young orphan ninja who aspires to one day become Hokage. Full of life and spirit, however, he feels lonely because he is rejected by others who know that he houses the nine-tailed fox demon. Hoping to connect with others and to get their attention he attends the four hundred blows to the ninja academy. Despite all his efforts he's an unskilful ninja and fails to perform the simplest techniques. Sasuke Uchiha is the last of his bloodline alive despite of his brother that decimated their family. Sasuke has special wards named Sharingan giving him incredible powers and is loved by all, including Sakura, the girl that Naruto is in love with. Hinata is secretly in love with Naruto and is too shy to declare her love but she watches over him. Sasuke and Naruto are very different from each other and one being unrestrained  and the other one is rather reserved but the fact that they are orphans and lonely brings them together, making them able to understand each other. Thus arises between them a rivalry tinged with friendship but far from their simple student problems the terrible Orochimaru waits for his hour and takes Sasuke's body to reincarnate in it and start another major war. While Kakashi teaches new techniques to his students Orochimaru captures Sasuke and Naruto will want to look for her but receives missions he must perform before doing so and loses a lot of time while Orochimaru prepares his host to welcome his spirit. During their missions ninja of Konoha will meet other ninjas from other villages that have their own techniques and he'll make powerful allies.

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Clashes between studies, exams, tests, learning to love, hate, rivalry and friendship Naruto and his friends will be in crazy adventures that leaves you breathless and make you look forward to the next episode! And Until the next episode you can continue to have adventures with them through the gallery of drawings at your disposal, you'll just have to choose which one you like and the color it to your taste!

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