Ninjago coloring pages 68

Check out these exciting coloring pages for your children. These Ninjago images will bring the characters and stories to life. Your kids will enjoy some creative time with these zany heros. We frequently add more pages, so make sure to visit us every few weeks. Coloring is a great way to relax after a busy day at school and before starting on any homework. There are five main characters and they have have harnessed mystical oriental powers to defeat an intergalactic overlord. Each character represents a physical element and they have special fighting techniques and equipment. They have been part of the Lego universe as toys and now they have their own TV series and movie.
Type: while girls may like them, it is a set of characters that will more likely appeal to boys from 4-8. They have supernatural powers and have cool weapons. In the Ninjago universe, the band of heroes all practice a form of flying and spinning as fast as a tornado called Spinjitzu.
Catchphrases: “Brothers, not in blood but in bond”, “Ninja-GO”, “let's chopsaki this lemonade stand"

Ninjago Characters

There are five main heroes and one main villain. Each hero represents a different element and has a different power and weapon. Their powers are hereditary. Lloyd is the green ninja and is the leader of the group. He is the son of the evil arch nemesis, Lord Garmadon. As the leader, Lloyd has harnessed all of the elemental powers, and is a Spinjitzu master. He is a serious alpha male type who does not speak much. When he does, everyone listens. Kai is the red ninja and is known as the Elemental Master of Fire. He has a fiery temper. Because he is the Master of fire, he can throw fireballs and create shields from fire. He can’t get burned and can use the heat of the flames to levitate off the ground. Jay is the blue ninja and is known as the Elemental Master of Lightning. In the same way that Kai cannot be harmed by fire, Jay is protected from any electrical discharge. He has electricity within him and he can charge electrical devices. He’s a funny guy who also repairs the machines and devices. Cole is the black ninja and is the Elemental Master of Earth. He is able to create earthquakes and create rising mounds of dirt to slow down any person pursuing him or the team. Like the earth, he is solid and durable, and he can withstand a lot of force. Zane is the white ninja. He is not a human, but a robot, known as a nindroid. He is the elemental master of Ice and uses ice and the cold to freeze his enemies. As he is a robot, his personality is as cold as his circuits. Lord Garmadon is the villain in the show. He is actually Lloyd’s father. He was poisoned, died and returned to life, determined to take revenge and he creates havoc wherever he goes.

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