Ninja Turtles coloring pages 7

If there is a cartoon that has crossed generations it is the Ninja Turtles! Your parents may have watched the episodes of this series as a child, and maybe you too are passionate about the adventures of the four turtles with well affirmed  characters! Originally the Ninja Turtles were supposed to be a parody of superheroes as we saw in Marvel comics but they were so successful that the series quickly became much more than a parody, sparking the interest of millions of people! How not to get attached to these four adorable little turtles who once were exposed to a mutagenic after being thrown down the drain, they then turned into humanoid turtles, almost as large as a man. Splinter, a rat martial arts master who also was exposed to mutagen, then took them under his wing, teaching them to survive despite this radical transformation.

Of the four Ninja Turtles the first one is Leonardo, the leader of the group, recognized for his blue headband and two Ninjatõ, the most serious of the group and the closest to Splinter, and Donatello, wearing a headband of his favorite colour, purple, and uses a stick as a weapon.

Meanwhile, Michelangelo wears an orange bandana and handles with ease the nunchaku, or even grappling hooks depending on the occasion. And finally there is Raphael, wearing a red headband and using a sai as a weapon. The four turtles, whose names are derived from names of Renaissance artists may well spend their days ordering and eating pizza, their favorite dish, but that's not counting the terrible Shredder, the leader of Foot Clan, and his acolytes, Baxter Stockman, the mad scientist who is the inventor of Mousers, Krang, the cruel brain, the King of the Rats, who will try to take the place of Splinter, Bebop and Rocksteady, the two mutant idiots, Hun the right arm Shredder, Karai, one of the only ninja women, and Bishop, a scientist with horrible dark intentions. But to fight against all these opponents the Ninja Turtles can rely on their friends, April O'Neil, who has a different role depending on the version of the series, Casey Jones, a friend of Raphael and April, Usagi Yojimbo, the rabbit samurai ronin and Leatherhead the mutant alligator. You can find all these characters through the colorings that are offered to you, and share your passion of the original and colourful world of the Ninja Turtles!

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