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Appearing in the great classic Frozen (2013), Olaf is a little snowman with a carrot for a nose and twigs for hair and arms, created and brought to life by the magical powers of Elsa d'Arendelle. Its members are able to disassociate themselves from each other, without Olaf having always decided to do so, and can create comic situations. Always in a good mood and loving hugs, Olaf is a naive and dreamy character who would love more than anything to discover the pleasures of summer and the warmth of the sun, at the risk of melting instantly!

Olaf is created by Elsa, assisted by her younger sister Anna, when the two princesses of Arendelle were still young children, playing together and taking advantage of the magical powers of the eldest sibling, able to make snow and ice appear as she pleased. After Anna was accidentally hurt by her sister's magic, The king and queen of Arendelle decide to raise their eldest daughter out of sight and separate her from everyone, including Anna, who after the intervention of the troll patriarch Grand Pabbie loses all memory of Elsa's powers and their common games anyway.

It was only many years later, when Elsa, just crowned Queen of Arendelle, had to leave her castle because her magical powers were revealed and her younger daughter decided to find her to help her and put an end to the harsh winter in which her magic had plunged the kingdom, that Princess Anna again crossed Olaf's path. The merry snowman appears to her when, accompanied by the mountain adventurer Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, she struggles to find her sister in the forest of Arendelle, not far from the gigantic North Mountain. After the surprise to see in front of them a living snowman capable of dismembering himself, Anna and Kristoff sympathize with Olaf, despite the fact that he finds that the ice block debtor looks like a donkey and that he has convinced himself that his name was Sven, like his reindeer! Anna then gives her new friend a nose, using one of the cores from Sven's personal stash. The Princess of Arendelle has actually remembered him and his children's games and understands that he was created by her older sister, which the snowman confirms. Olaf, who knows where Elsa has taken refuge, then agrees to lead his new friends to his ice palace, dreaming that they will succeed in putting an end to the icy winter, which would finally allow him to discover summer, the season he knows nothing about and which fascinates him so much.

When Anna arrives at the threshold of the Ice Palace built by her sister, she decides to enter alone and asks Kristoff and Olaf to wait outside for her, just for a minute... Having taken the Princess' words at face value, Olaf bursts into the hall of the Ice Palace sixty seconds after Anna's departure. When Elsa sees him, she first remembers that these powers were once synonymous with joy and happiness, with playing with her little sister, before these thoughts give way to the more painful memory of the accident that her younger sister was a victim of, because of her magic. More than ever convinced that she is a threat to her loved ones when she accidentally injures her sister again, Elsa tries to chase Anna and her friends away and, in the face of their insistence to stay with her, creates a colossus made of snow and ice, Marshmallow, to force them to leave. Having provoked the snow giant to come after them, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven are forced to flee away from the Ice Palace and away from Elsa.

Kristoff, who grew up among them, thinks that the trolls will be able to heal Anna and decides to go and ask for their help. Olaf, who is decidedly very sociable, quickly becomes friendly with the trolls and mingles with them during the sequence of the song No-one is perfect, after having thought for a while that they did not exist and that Kristoff had lost his head when he discovered them under their appearance of rocks. The king of the trolls, Great Pabbie, having announced that he could do nothing for Anna because her heart was frozen and that only an act of love could save her, Kristoff decides to bring her back without delay to the castle of Arendelle where her fiancé, Prince Hans of the South Islands, is staying. Olaf is just as convinced that it is the right thing to do... Before remembering that he has absolutely no idea who the Hans in question is!

Some time later, it is Olaf who discovers Anna, dying because Hans has revealed his true face: he never loved her and seduced her in order to become king of Arendelle. The snowman tries as best he can to keep his friend alive and, to do so, doesn't hesitate to put himself in danger by lighting a big fire that risks melting him completely. He manages to make Anna realize that true love is about putting the other person's interests ahead of his own, just as Kristoff did for her. As he is about to close a window that has opened because of the snowstorm raging outside, Olaf sees Kristoff riding Sven through the fjords surrounding the castle. Now convinced that he is the one who can thaw Anna's heart, he leads the princess outside.

Finally, Anna is saved by a gesture of love... The one she herself has made by coming between Hans and his sister Elsa when he was about to kill her. Anna is saved and, very quickly, Elsa manages to put an end to the winter in which her magic had plunged the kingdom of Arendelle. Olaf is at the height of his joy: at last he will be able to discover the joys of summer and the sun... Well, if he doesn't melt in the space of a few seconds! To reward him for his loyalty and courage, Elsa uses her magical powers to make a small snow cloud appear above Olaf. From now on, it will never leave him and the snowflakes that fall from it will prevent him from melting, even on the hottest summer days... Nothing can stop the little snowman's happiness, not even his serious allergy to summer flower pollen!

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